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Empowering staff to engage youth.

One of the biggest problems in youth programs, for students ages 13-17, is engagement over extended periods of time. In addition, a key component to engaging youth is retaining the "right" staff. 


Patrick has experience working in youth programs and staff development for over 12 years.  He's developed youth programs focused on leadership, college and career success. In addition, he's certified master trainer who has worked with organization such as iFoster, The Community College Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club.

To ensure the high quality experience, Patrick customizes trainings and workshops to meet your organization's unique needs. Our trainings are interactive and incorporate a wide range of training tools and techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles. 

Staff Development/Training

Staff will: 

  • Identify your "WHY" 

  • Develop an inclusive environment

  • Practice effective communication

  • Recognize your leadership style

Youth Program Development

Focus Areas 

  • Life Skills/Adulting

  • Business & Entrepreneurship 

  • Leadership Programs

  • Workforce/Career Development

  • Peer-to-peer programs


  • Design a recruitment & retention strategy 

  • Develop strong community partnerships

  • Create measurable outcomes 

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