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Patrick Hogg, Founder and CEO of PK Training & Development, is a motivational speaker, master workshop facilitator and life coach for youth and young adults. He has developed and facilitated programs focused on helping young people discover their purpose and transition into life after college. 

Patrick is passionate about helping young people understand their value. He has presented to numerous organizations in southern California, with a focus on first generation college students, foster youth, formerly incarcerated youth, and youth of color. As a result, he's successfully help hundreds of youth and young adults identify their value and attain their college and career goals.

Patrick holds a MA in Business Management from the University of Redlands. In addition, he's been recognized for his dedication to youth by the Los Angeles County and the California Senators Office.

Awards & Certificates

City of Burbank Certificate of Recognition May 2015

City of Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation Oct 2013

CA Senate Certificate of Recognition: Leadership & Development Excellence Sept. 2013

CA Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition: Leadership & Development Sept. 2013

Clients & Partners

Community Organizations
➢ Boys & Girls Club of Burbank & Pasadena Teen Clubs

➢ Magic Johnson Foundation, Tyler Michael’s Scholarship 

➢ Principles of Success Motivational Program

➢ iFoster TAY AmeriCorps Program

Schools, Colleges & Universities

➢  California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAAP) at University of California, Irvine

➢  CAYFES at East LA City College

➢  Black Male Initiative (BMI) at Cal State, Northridge

➢  High Schools Throughout Southern California


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